Google Hangouts on air Live Q&A is launched

Last week Google added a new feature to Hangouts that facilitates interaction with a Q&A embedded app

We saw it announced by Amit Fulay, Hangouts Product Manager. This feature offers similar features to what we have been offering in Qstion for several months now, but there are also significant differences.

You can see the explanation of what it is in Google Hangouts feature page, but if you want to really grasp what it is about, check out Paulino Brener’s great tour to this feature in this presentation.

Q&A feature in Hangouts

How does this compare to services?

Qstion has a free plan that fully integrates with Google Hangouts on Air. Because it is a Google Hangouts app, it is embedded within the Google interface. You can download the app in this link. This is similar to the new feature that Google has launched.

But qstion goes beyond a q&a live broadcasting tool for Google Hangouts. We want to provide a place where individuals and organisations can host their interviews, q&a’s, presentations, tutorials, and any other kind of interactive live video session.

What makes qstion different is, among other things:

Opening your account in is very simple and we have written a tutorial on how you can start broadcasting your q&a session here.

And we are building new features all the time. What would you like to see in our Q&A application? Please comment below



2 thoughts on “Google Hangouts on air Live Q&A is launched

  1. Amanda Smith

    I am searching for a commenting system for Google hangouts on air. I need people to be able to comment without having a Google plus or twitter account. Will your system do this?

  2. Jim Billington

    Hello! The blog post makes reference to the ability to “Embed the q&a form in any webpage”. This is something I am very interested in learning how to do. How is this done? I spent some time scanning your blogs and didn’t find any mention of it besides this blog post.



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